Fido's Pillow Spritz

All Natural Fido's Pillow Spritz
Price: $6.50

Fido's Pillow Spritz - This product works amazing well on those darn jumping fleas. After washingand appling your favorite pest control medium, those fleas have to go somewhere. Take Fido's Pillow Spritz shake and a few quick sqrirts on your dogs bed bed, gets rid of any existing fleas that might hanging out (you know how they are). Also helps deter any near future infestation. I found out last summer , which was during a drought the fleas were everywhere, walking across my dried lawn they were jumping on me, gross right?. I sprayed some pillow spritz on my legs and kept the fleas at bay . Fido's Pillow Spritz contains all natural Virginian Cedarwood essential oil and cedarwood hydrosol, shake and spray and thats it, safe for both cats, dogs and humans.

I was visiting your town

I was visiting your town earlier this summer and I stopped in to your store to look around. I found this product and decided to give it a try. I sprayed it on several spots where my dog and I both sit and I'll be darned but the fleas disappeared. I will be back to visit in October so please make sure you have some on the shelf.

Bill D.

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