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Hand Made Lotion

Sassy Albert Soaps are Handmade All Natural Products, made in Northeast Pennsylvania.

In 1991 we inherited our families small farm in Tunkhannock,Pa. I always kept various handmade soaps, bought at local craft fairs and vacations that we took, available because I had a hard time remembering birthdays and anniversaries and for the occasional hostess gift. This supply of handmade soaps were perfect presents for just about any occasion. After a trip to London where I bought a bar for $18.00, after the conversion back to dollars, I thought soap making must be like cooking, and it is. I had been working as a chef for most my adult life and know that the secret to creating something special is hard work, knowledge and loving what you are doing, so I decided to venture into the soap making business.

Through trial and error, classes and chemistry, I learned the art of Soap Making and we are forever evolving and improving our products quality. Now, instead of steaming vegetables, I get herbs and distill them. All of our soaps contain Jojoba oil because it just rocks: what it does for skin is unbelievable and once you use it nothing measures up.

The name Sassy Albert comes from two Scottish Terriers, who own me (people don't own Terriers, it's the other way around)! They are the driving force of the company and a fixture in the store. I sincerly hope you enjoy our products. Thank You, Michael the Soapmaker.

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